About Us

Our Proud Heritage.

The Seven Mile Inn has been part of local history for over 90 years. Originally located a few hundred metres from its present site, the original Seven Mile Inn was a scheduled stop for horse drawn coaches, where both passengers and horses were fed and watered before continuing north to Wanneroo & Yanchep. Photos displayed on our walls reflect our proud heritage as an integral part of the local Balcatta community.

The fourth incarnation of the Seven Mile was constructed and opened in 1997, under the guidance of Web &Brown-Neaves Architects and consists of a Café style Dining & Bar area (Jumbucks Café & Bar, 85 seating capacity), a Sportsman’s Bar with adjoining TAB and a Route 66 Drive Thru Bottle Shop.

The venue is a shining example of the evolution of Australian hotels and taverns. Fitted throughout with quality plant, equipment and fittings, enabling us to deliver high quality service & comfort to our patrons. Its elegant, yet casual, décor lends a unique Australian feel to the establishment.

Although in appearance, we are a far cry from the original Seven Mile Inn, we still pride ourselves on the underlying principals of our forbears; quality food and ice-cold beverages served in a friendly intimate environment, with a smile, by people who care.


Our food reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Australia; and on a micro level, our suburb. Originally settled primarily by migrants, particularly of Mediterranean origin, Balcatta has always been somewhat of a “cultural melting pot”. Today, this has not changed, with new members of the community coming from Asian and African nations, as well as the second and third generation Australians of Mediterranean decent.

From tantalising taste and texture combinations for the discerning diner, to a quick snack at lunchtime or providing true value for money for the whole family, the Seven Mile can deliver.